Global Partnerships

Mike and Beth Sutton

After serving over 6 years in Venezuela, and 2.5 years at New Tribes Bible Institute in Wisconsin, the Suttons are currently serving with New Tribes Mission in the Islands Region of Papua New Guinea. Mike & Beth are part of a team of 120 adult missionaries working with 27 of the 129 Islands Region language groups which are in various stages of church planting. NTM focuses on equipping each Tribal group with the Word of God in their own language which is relevant to their culture. Four of these Tribal groups have established churches that have evangelized other Tribal languages, and 3 of these Tribes are being trained on how to translate scripture and Bible lessons.

Mike is the Regional Administrator, and is part of a team overseeing Paperwork, Communication, Finances, and Travel of the Tribal missionaries, plus the Security, Computer IT, Phones, and day to day operation of the Regional Headquarters located on the Island of New Britain.

Beth is the Grade 1 thru 3 teacher at the School for Missionary Children.
Five of her 9 students are PNG citizens.

Megan, their youngest, is a High School junior at this school.

Tim, his wife Lorna, and their two children Alisha, and Emma live in Wisconsin.
Katie, her husband Paul, and their two children Lizzie and Slate live in Indiana.
Jen and her husband Joe, live in New York State.

They can be contacted by email at They also are working on a website with pictures

Please note, keep e-mails under 100 Kb as their satellite computer system is limited.

Financial Support can be sent to:
New Tribes Mission
1000 E. First St.
Sanford, Florida 32771-1487