Nov. 23, 2021

Less than 48 hours ago, the tragic events of this year’s Waukesha Holiday Parade unfolded with startling speed and traumatic impact.  No one who witnessed this callous and senseless abuse of human life will be the same or recover quickly.  The news cycle will “move on” in 1-2 days. Instead, let’s remember to support… ❤️
  • Everyone who went from celebrating enthusiastically to witnessing horrific events in a matter of seconds.
  • Family members and friends who saw the street littered with the broken bodies of loved ones and fellow humans.
  • First responders (Police, Fire, EMT, ATF) who served, protected, rendered care, and restored order in the midst of the chaos and heartbreaking situations.
  • Hospital staff who preserved life and facilitated healing when deluged with an unprecedented number of  traumatic injuries and wave of human grief.
    Small business owners who had these terrible events happen right in front them and their staffs. Working in sight of the tragedy will be very difficult daily.

So, how can we help reclaim a better future? ❤️

1- Pray regularly and specifically for the people above that God’s presence and healing would meet people in their trauma, grief, and anxiety, bringing peace. It’s what Jesus did and still does through us…

> Let’s persist in prayer well into the new year!

2- Initiate love (practical, sacrificial) at every opportunity in your spheres of life (wherever you share relationship and responsibility with others). This is how to best overcome senseless, hope-robbing actions.  It’s what Jesus did and still does through us…

> Let’s listen to and affirm the value of others daily!

3- Show up at small businesses in downtown Waukesha. They’re owned and staffed by amazing people and provide great products and experiences!  Bring your warmth and share it with theirs, in defiance of this chilling event, and creating better tomorrows!  It’s what Jesus did and still does through us…

> Let’s grow hope “out there” by being fully present!

We can do this, in the power of God’s grace and pursuing love!