Do Not Be Afraid

Talking to the auto service advisor and technician, I became aware of a feeling of dread starting to creep over me.  They were thinking “head gasket,” a costly repair, and wanted to keep the car overnight to reproduce the cold start problem, to be sure…

Though it made sense and I agreed, my head was saying, “Nothing good ever happens when they keep it overnight!”

Sharing my fears with a few friends did help as they prayed with and for me.  But as the next day moved along, I resigned myself to the big-ticket, two-day repair I knew was coming…

When I got the call, they said it was fixed for $305 and could be picked up right away.  I was totally gob smacked and elated, since I’d expected it to cost more than 12x that amount!

It turned out not to be a failed head gasket after all.  Instead, just 4 loose & 2 bad spark plugs that I’d bought online and installed myself 13 months ago!  I’d been fretting about whether or not God would provide help with a problem that I let get the better of me.  Even though I’d caused the problem and struggled in faith dealing with it, God showed me unmerited kindness! He’s like that!

Let’s praise God for unmerited big answers to prayer and bigger lessons that help us love God and others in real life!

Do not be afraidZechariahyour prayer has been heard…”
Luke 1:13-14

Do not be afraidMaryyou have found favor with God…”
Luke 1:30-31

Joseph, Son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife…”
Matthew 1:20-21