Dear Crossroads Family & Friends,

Thanks to all who sent words of encouragement this week regarding my history of pet failures and dog disasters from last week!  Words like: “If I can overcome my dog fears, so can you!” or “You’ve made more progress than you think!” give me hope forward (see grand-puppy pic) that my past failures need not define my future…

Isn’t that a beautiful picture of what Christ followers are to be about?  Standing with those going through struggles or dealing with failures, being transparent, showing compassion, recognizing progress, and cheering others forward!  God sets us free in Jesus to do just that… Love our neighbor as ourselves and love God with all ourselves in worship, holding nothing back!

Years ago, a friend told me about being a dog ownercaregiver, and companion.  I guess I still have dog brain from last week, which is far better than dog breath!  Oh, there I go offending dogs yet again.  Two steps forward, one step back…  Progress sure can be slow!  😬

Anyway, he said dogs need an Alpha within a group or house to best thrive.  Without one, the dog will seek to be its own Alpha and your house’s, too, with bad results.  The dog must know it is lovedcared for, and your companion, but that it’s not your equal.  Relating to you, a dog needs an Alpha that lovescares, and leads.

In similar fashion, human beings best thrive when solidly related to an Alpha who loves unshakably, cares sacrificially, encourages compassionately, and leads empoweringly.  Jesus is the Alpha who came, died, rose, and deeply loves you & everyone! Though we are all beautifully made in God’s image, we’re not Jesus equal.  Loving him and centering on God with all of ourselves, can help us let go of endless, restless striving to be/find our own Alpha in transient things that seldom last, deeply satisfy, or facilitate healthy love or team relationships with others.

Let’s move beyond failures/disasters that need not define our futures and find our true selves and ways to make a difference in Alpha Jesus!