The Peacocks

It’s been a while since I’ve been to an animal zoo.  You may be asking if there is any other kind?  Of course!  It can be a real “zoo” at the arena on game day or the polling place when it’s time to vote.  Btw, do the vote!

Anyway, there’s always lots to see at the zoo.  Besides the big animals, like elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and hippos, I’ve also been impressed by a bird that, at some zoos, are allowed to roam among the people in addition to be in their open-sky enclosure.  I think they can’t fly much, but they do have a distinctive call (which I imitate well) and can put on a show (of large, colorful feathers).  I’m 100% talking about peacocks!

Now, a different group of peacocks from a small university in New Jersey has been putting on a show and making a name for themselves in this year’s Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Though they only have 3,000 students, the St. Peter’s Peacocks have beaten 3 teams much higher ranked and with enrollments 10x 2x, & 12x their size respectively.  Ranked 61-64 at the start, they have reached the Elite 8, a first in NCAA history and a great story! They’ve been beating the odds and taking down giants!  It would be super if they could win Sunday to go to the Final Four.  We’ll have to see if they continue to amaze us with their teamwork and tenacity…

Are you facing long odds or formidable giants in your life right now? From the Exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, to the Incarnation, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to Empowering of the Holy Spirit in the lives of imperfect human beings, God is an expert at overcoming what appears impossible for his good purposes.