Raging River

Have you been paying attention to what I’ve been saying?”  Though inaudible, the voice was quite clear.  It was God trying to roust me from the slump I’ve been in recently by reminding me of what He’s been saying to me/us from Exodus 1-12 on Sundays!

Yes, pastors need wake up calls, too!  You see, now and again, I can get to feeling overwhelmed and not quite myself.  For me, my spirit starts to get scattered and agitatedLittle things begin to loom larger than they actually are, and bigger things get overlooked or delayed.  Left unaddressed…  love, peace, confidence, and effectiveness in relationships and responsibilities begin to waver.  Yes, I struggle, too!

This is a common experience for many of us trying to navigate through the rapid changes, constant challenges, and deluge of choices facing us, our loved ones, and the enterprises we’re part of.  Think of being dropped into a raging river in a kayak with only a paddle and little or no experience!  If any of this resonates with you, these reminders from God in Exodus may help you, like they’re helping me…

  • Remember God’s promises in plenty, difficulty & change!    (Ex. 1)
  • God cares/acts on behalf of the oppressed & hopeless!        (Ex. 2)
  • God uses our faith & courage to help those at risk!                (Ex. 2)
  • God seeks to draw us into his presence & love!                      (Ex. 3)
  • God will make a difference both in us and through us!         (Ex. 3)
  • God asks us to focus on his ability above our limits!              (Ex. 4)
  • God wants us to team up with complementary others!         (Ex. 4)
  • God opposes what exploits or enslaves us humans!              (Ex. 5)
  • God’s ways to free us can initially look like failure!                (Ex. 5)
  • God knows our fears & limits, yet patiently grows us!           (Ex. 7)
  • God wants to involve us & do more than we imagine!          (Ex. 7)
  • God is not limited by hard hearts; people are!                       (Ex. 7)
  • God is persistent in helping us worship him!                           (Ex. 8)
  • God wants us to help others live free in his love!                    (Ex. 9)
  • God involves unlikely people, equipping them as they go!   (Ex. 11)
  • God frees us thru faith & move us forward from slavery!     (Ex. 12)
  • God points us to faith in & following Jesus thru the
    Passover lamb, bitter herbs, & unleavened bread!                 (Ex. 12)
Exodus points us to Jesus, reminding all is possible to help set us free!