Each and every day is truly extraordinary.  So is each and every person!  Both are full of possibility and opportunity as back stories and present details crash into and interweave with one another becoming the days, people, and narratives of the future!

In a very big world with a lot going on, our days and even ourselvescan seem rather insignificant.  However, such thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth!  Purposed in love by God, we all are much more and can make a big difference in our generation and for generations to come!

Events in Exodus bear witness to Almighty God (who is the loving, caring, calling, long-suffering, promise-keeping, and empowering) making a huge difference in the lives of the Israelites in history.  Though they were harassed, helpless, and hopeless, he saw and helped them find a much better future by faith in him.

Through them and through ever-expanding, faith-followers in past and present history, God continues to make an extraordinary difference in all peoples, in all history through active faith in and following Jesus Christ!


   God said to Moses, “I AM who I AM.”  This is what you
are to say to the Israelites:  “I AM has sent me to you…”
This is my name forever, the name by which I am
to be remembered from generation to generation.
Exodus 3:14-15
   Moses answered the people, Do not be afraid
   Stand firm and you will see 
   the deliverance the Lord will bring you today…
Exodus 14:13-14

Let’s be God’s people of faith, hope, and love each and every day;  making a difference in the power of resurrected Jesus wherever he leads us!