Good Friday

Gathered that night, for a Passover Feast
cherishing an impossible victory won for them
long ago when they were the least.

Slaves they had been, but miraculously set free
through active faith in God’s mighty hand
and the blood of their lamb given sacrificially.

All was now ready, but the Teacher
yet unknown as God’s Lamb
for he had twelve pairs of dirty feet still to wash
though they just couldn’t understand.

Peter objected with force, saying “No, you shall never!”
Jesus calmly explained and continued
showing the courage of a servant leader’s love
not holding back then, not now, and not ever!

Lesson made clear, showing true servant power
betrayed and denied to his face, yet still bid them to follow.
To the garden he led them, their hearts heavy and low
moving forward in love, so fierce and beyond measure
the Eternal Lamb said, “Your will” and strode toward his hour. 

On that tree he was nailed, paying our selfish cost
willing to wretchedly suffer and die
to reach, help, and guide forward any who are lost.

I am one of many, he has awakened it’s true.
At Jesus’ side and table, there’s always room for you!