Frozen Custard

We arrived at our favorite frozen custard place to find it quite crowded.  The staff, in their white-outfits at the stainless steel counters, were working hard to keep up with demand…

On purpose, I chose the line with the longest wait.  In front of us, was a fully-uniformed team of 14 exuberant 7–8-year-old baseball players and their coach.  There was chaos as they tried to place their order and I wanted to watch the show.  It didn’t disappoint!

During a lull, I asked what they were celebrating. One of the team piped up, “We made a double play!”  To which the coach nodded and smiled.  I said, “Good job coach,” and watched as the custard came out and half the team forgot what they’d ordered!

As a former coach, I liked what the coach was doing.  With young players, early in a season sure to be full of mistakes and opportunities to grow and improve, he focused on something they’d done well and celebrated with them.  His encouragement would help them remember their success and inspire their confidence and motivate them to keep improving as they went forward.

In Christ, I believe God “coaches” us similarly at all ages!  Though Jesus’ first followers were far from an ideal team and made many mistakes, Jesus lovedbelieved in, and stayed committed to them.  He didn’t waver  in the garden, on the cross, nor from within the tomb!  Jesus generously shared his resurrection victory with them and graciously restored them from their failures.  He still does!  Let’s live in and pass on the life and super coaching of Jesus!