The power outage had gone past 8 hours, making completion of an in-progress painting project much more difficult.  While painting a room by the light of a single window isn’t impossible, it’s not advisable due to the difficulty of seeing missed spots!

Nevertheless… walls covered, paint drying, and lungs needing some fresh air, I hopped in the car to get gas before the next price increase!  The radio defaulted ON, but I was dead tired and with the windows down, the music was hard to hear and wasn’t registering with me at all.  Then, quite unexpectedly, everything changed…

While I don’t know much about music, I do know what resonates with me.  The next song did just that, drawing me in with its intriguing melody, lyrics, and rhythm.  It spoke of power capable of the impossible, that’s readily available, and is mysteriously seen in the sound of dry bones rattling. I quickly upped the volume to get more of it!

The song uses “dry bones” to refer to a time of desolation and displacement in Israel’s history (Ezekiel 37; ~580 BC) and how God promised to then miraculously restore life to them.  The song further connects this promise to Jesus’ resurrection and to its practical application in our lives today…

The “dry bones” can stand for any person, in any age or place, who’s dealing with being displaceddejecteddishearteneddemoralizeddowntrodden, or done in by their own sins and shortcomings, those of others, or difficulty and losses in life.

God promises to reconnect and breathe life into anyone stuck in a “dry bones” reality.  God truly cares, knows how to help put us back together, and provide the power surge needed to go forward!  Let’s believe, follow, and “get rattling”! 😎

* Song is “RATTLE” BY Elevation Worship

RATTLE! | Official Lyric Video | Elevation Worship – YouTube