We had some unexpected cooling challenges in our house this warm week. Like dominoes, first the air conditioner went out and two days later it was the refrigerator! As you can imagine, I have renewed appreciation for the machines and their experts that keep us from wilting and our perishable food from spoiling!

At the center of each of these machines is a compressor which drives the cooling.  It’s like the “heart” of your AC and refrigerator.  In the first case, the problem wasn’t its compressor.  So, it was fixed rather quickly through the amazing diagnosis, coaching, and sourcing of an expert via phone.  Wilting kept to a minimum!

The second, however, was indeed the compressor.  Yeah, bummer. To avoid massive spoiling, we purged and pitched marginal food, and have been eating out and from ice chests for 2-3 days.  Sort of like glamping, since the rest of the house functions fine!

So, our nice, shiny fridge, that’s anchored our kitchen for 8 years, is now a 280 lb. paperweight!  It still looks good, but has lost all positive functionality.  With few experts available to do the “fridge heart replacement surgery” within our time/cost limits, we’ll say good bye in 2 days when the new one should arrive…

All this has me thinking about humans, God, and other humans.  Surprise, surprise!  Just as functioning compressors drive successful cooling in dwellings, autos, airplanes, public buildings, refrigerators, freezers, and the like…

So, too, human hearts centering on God in worship/gratitude will show meaningful/sustaining love in all life’s relationships and responsibilities!  If we pay more attention to grounding our hearts in God’s sacrificial and unshakable love for us in Jesus Christ, we are far less likely to find ourselves as paperweights that may look good, but without much functionality when it comes to love.

Fortunately, whatever our challenges, Jesus will never “kick us to the curb” like a failed refrigerator.  He is expert in matters of life and love in our hearts, who is always available and has no cost or time constraints.  He’s already paid it all for us.  Let’s center on Jesus! 😎