Motel 6

We pulled the family minivan under the Motel 6 carport.  It was still daylight, so they hadn’t “left the light on for us” yet…

It had been a long day of driving from the Rockies west of Denver, after a fun week of vacation, to see the Mt. Rushmore monument outside Rapid City, SD that afternoon.  We’d be spending the night and going to check out Wall Drug & Badlands National Park, iconic vastly different places, in the morning before heading home.

I’d made the phone reservation earlier, no smart phone apps then, and now steeled myself for what was coming as I left the van.  It was going to cost $265 (at least 4x normal) to stay at this Motel 6 just off of I-90 in a hot and dusty bit of nowhere.  Looking at the forlorn pool encircled by parking lot, I was seriously questioning the value of the upcoming transaction!

Inside, I asked about the cost.  Not looking up, the clerk said three words, “Sturgis, Harley Rally.”  Enough said.  So, I bit the bullet and got out the plastic!  If thousands of Harley riders could find value in being part of something bigger than themselves and building memories with others, I sure could do so with my wonderful family!

That night, we had a great time splashing around in that dusty, forlorn pool.  Next day, Wall Drug was the ridiculously silly and fun tourist trap it always has been and always will be.  Badlands N.P., however was another worldly experience with its stark and haunting natural beauty.

Looking back, the $265 I was hesitant to pay, was worth every penny compared to the positive return in broadening our experience, having lots of fun, and building memories together!  Btw, that motel is now, 16 years later, $298/night during Sturgis 2022.  Still a good value! 

When Jesus walked the earth, was crucified, and rose from the tomb victorious over sin and death, he called people to trust and follow him, centering their lives on God’s love for them and sharing his received love with similar generosity!  Jesus paid the ultimate cost of our sin debt and selfishness burden. He still calls us to risk the cost of following him and loving as he does in our everyday lives.  Still of EXCEEDING VALUE to oneself, others, and the world! Let’s not hesitate and get risking it!