Better Reality

Dear Crossroads Family & Friends,

Earlier this week, I found myself pacing (stalking) around our house in an agitated state and having trouble focusing.  Now, I often do some of my best thinking on my feet.  But, it wasn’t happening this time…

Why?  Hurricane Ian had brought about the mandatory evacuation of two of my family members from their homes in Florida. They were now trying to escape north to safer areas, but were stuck in heavy traffic. I was concerned about them- their safety, well-being, futures, etc… I wanted to do something to help and make a positive difference, but mostly felt powerless 1,400 miles away.

That’s when God spoke…  I was standing at the kitchen sink looking out when the unique flying pattern of a hummingbird grabbed my attention. It was gathering nectar from flower blossoms in a pot on our back yard patio- hovering and never landing on the flowers as it fed!  I was transfixed for a solid minute, taking it all in, before it flew away.  As it did, a black squirrel bounded across the yard, tightly carrying a large nut in its mouth for future consumption!

“Have you already forgotten last Sunday?” came the inaudible, but unmistakable voice.  “Didn’t I remind you and others to not waste your time and energy worrying over the bare essentials this life? Worry adds nothing to your life or anyone else’s!  It only subtracts. 

Look at the birds of the air…  See the lilies of the field…  Don’t forget how I provide for and pay attention to them!  Btw, you and other humans (like your family) are very important to me.  So, center on/trust in me, asking me to do what is too big for you and freeing yourself to do what you can, being good news to others in my love and power!”  (from Matthew 6:25-34)

Sounds like a plan for a better reality.  Let’s work it, together!