Sunrise and sunset

It’s been an unusual week for me. I spent four days in SW Florida dealing with some post-hurricane challenges with my family there.  Like many, we’ve got a long and unexpected road ahead of us.

At times, it was very disorienting and tiring to experience such conflicting realities alongside one another…

Joy in being reunited with family loved ones.
> Grief in seeing destroyed homes and communities.
> Renewal from refreshing walks and jogs on the beach.
> Fatigue over lives displaced and dreams broken.
> Inspiration while taking in beautiful sunrises.
> Dismay over the pervasive odor of mold and decay.

But that’s life, isn’t it?  Good and not so good; joy and pain. This week, I’ve been reminded of the song “Sunrise, Sunset” from the excellent movie musical, “Fiddler on the Roof.”  One stanza in particular has come to mind…

   Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset.
   Swiftly fly the years…
   One season following another.
   Laden with happiness and tears.

Sunrises and sunsets both remind me of God’s unwavering and compassionate faithfulness to us humans along with unfailing and trustworthy love for us!  (Lamentations 3:23-24 & Psalm 143:8) While remembering this is always important, it’s especially so when life gets very rough.  When it does, let’s make sure we tap into God, rather than tap out!