Go Kale!

Fall is waning, yet in our garden the kale still stands!  All three varieties are still growing and delicious in both salads and soup. The other veggies (beans, tomatoes & cucumbers) have long since stopped producing and dried up.

Just before this weekend’s much needed rains, I tore out the dead vines from the garden and discarded them. They weren’t going to benefit or bring benefit from the rain like the kale.

Now, I know veggie vines are seasonal up here in the north and that our kale will also eventually succumb to the weather, but bear with me

Years ago, before Jesus showed people God as a human being, John the Baptist got people ready for Jesus. He told them to turn away from a self-centered way of life and turn toward life with God at the center; aka repentance.  Also, that keeping this type of attitude towards God and ourselves would produce positive results within and in relationship with others.  (Luke 3:8-14)  Jesus called this, “loving your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:30-31)

John challenges all generations to produce good fruit, in and through their lives, by humbly centering on God’s forgiving and renewing love for them in Jesus Christ.  This is how to be more like growing, tasty kale than drydecaying vinesLet’s go for the kale!