Stay Healthy

Few who’ve had full-blown flu desire to catch it again. Being sick and miserable for 3-7 days, or even dying, is a terrible waste. Yet annually we battle the flu (shots, supplements, better eating & sleeping, etc…) since it’s always mutating to infect us. So, we DO practical things to keep from catching and succumbing to it.

Years ago, a guy named John warned of an inward sickness plaguing and stealing life from people. It poisoned attitudes, restricted compassion, and reduced sense of responsibility for oneself and to others as primary outward symptoms.

When he publicly pointed this out, about 75% of the people groups listening responded, “What should we DO?” Bravo to the responsive crowd, tax collectors, and soldiers of that day!

1) To everyone, John said to be kindly AWARE of those in need and generously SHARE with them. He focused on clothing and food, but we can readily extend that to sharing any aspect of our timetalents, and treasure to help those in need.

2) To influencers with authority, John warned against using power to coerce or exploit people for personal gain or to extort selfish benefit or outcomes from people under threat. Instead, he challenged them to BE CONTENT and live within expectations that BUILD UP others and don’t marginalize just to reach goals.

What John said and how he said it, resonated deeply with those listening, that many thought he’d be the one to fix things. Instead, John pointed them to One much more powerful, who would GIVE HIS POWER to others through personal sacrifice.

That person was later revealed to be Jesus, in whom we find life, love, and a fine example to be accountable!  Let’s overcome, not succumb- DOING as John challenges us!  (Luke 3:7-18, Matthew 3:1-12)