Go Tell It

Some years back, I got an infection under a tooth filling and was in severe pain. When told I’d need a root canal and crown, I wasn’t happy, but accepted the diagnosis right away (pain motivates) and trusted the dental pros to address my problem and help me forward.They did!  And though I’m far from perfect at dental hygiene practices, I do brush/floss better and have been chomping pain free ever since!

More recently, I had a routine, scheduled diagnostic procedure with no symptoms beforehand. Afterward, when told I’d need a surgeon for cancer, I wasn’t happy once again! This time, I had ten days to accept and trust the diagnosis and plan of the cancer pros to keep my problem from spreading and becoming life-threatening.

It was weird because though the stakes were far higher than before, there weren’t loud symptoms to force action. I chose to trust their expertise over my lack of awareness. I’m very glad I did, because they did great during the surgery and follow ups that have helped me live and live better (most times) going forward!

Why share this?  Well, at the center of Christmas and all the gift giving, love sharing, and joyful singing is God the life & love pro. In the person Jesus Christ, God “became one of us” to uniquely address and help us forward with our struggles in life, to love, and with faith- regardless of how visible or aware we are of our symptoms. God is for us and that’s good news that we can trust and go forward with!

Let’s live it and go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and every where!