Earlier this week, I was provocatively propositioned in a diner.   It’s not what you may be thinking!  I’d better explain…

While enjoying the distinctive ambiance and delicious burger and fries at an out of town eating establishment, I got into a discussion with the owner.  As a former business consultant, I was genuinely interested in what was behind the positive experience I was having and, apparently, asking good questions. At some point, the owner stopped me and said, “So, do want to buy it?

A bit stunned, I laughed and politely declined, citing my lack of capital and experience in his industry, not to mention living in another state!  He persisted, suggesting his enterprise could augment my current work. It was then that I realized he was looking for ownership riskers more than comfortable consumers of what he had to offer. Though I declined again, it was strangely compelling.

Upon further review, the encounter reminds me of Christmas!

At the center of Christmas, is God (the life and love professional) uniquely initiating love to us in Jesus and offering us (novices) involvement, the risk of ownership, and benefit of his experience in God’s great love story with and amongst us humans!

How do I know this?  Zechariah & Elizabeth, Mary & Joseph, foreign Magi with influence, and local, overlooked shepherds all had  important roles in Jesus’ entrance into humanity. All had their own stories, backgrounds, and imperfections. Yet God had faith in them and worked through their faith in him!

That’s still true today!  As Jesus shows us…  Let’s risk loving God with all ourselves and loving others as ourselves!