As water streamed down my wet hair, my beloved on the other side of the shower curtain asked me, “Do you know which toothbrush is yours?” “Umm, of course, why do you ask? I replied. “Well, I just got back from the dentist with a new one and I don’t know which of the two in the cup by the sink to replace? They’re both kind of blue.” Long pause by me, followed by, “So, does that mean you’ve been using my toothbrush regularly the last six months?”

Fast forward to later that week, when we’re in a hotel room getting dressed to attend a wedding.  Rummaging through my toiletries case, I make an embarrassing discovery. “Honey, I forgot my toothbrush. Can I use yours?” Her apt reply, “Of course, but I might have brought yours as my travel toothbrush.”  Well played, lovely!

Just a reminder that nobody sees and knows you up close, like those who live with you and/or travel with you!

When Jesus walked the earth, he called people to follow him. This included living and traveling with him in close proximity, as he shared and embodied God’s good news before a wide range of people in a variety of locations. Those who followed, got to see Jesus up close and real. He got to see them up close, too! That’s how they learned so much from Jesus and why the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John are such great resources to get to know and follow Jesus better.

Let’s get following… And pass me your toothbrush, Jesus!