This weekend I am re-reminded that I carry my father’s love with me wherever I go. His love for our mother and us, his three children, came from a place of giving all he had and then some…

At meals, he fiercely defended our mother’s cooking (which was good btw) from childish/adolescent pickiness and sacrificially gave up second helpings with a passionate, “Give it to the kids!”

His charcoal grilling was exceptional, with his specialty being a rolled pork roast rotisserie-cooked to perfection! We spent many hours together playing/coaching competitive baseball and listening to all sports over the radio, going on YMCA father/son campouts, taking family vacations, and tending a prolific backyard garden.

Times together with my dad expanded my curiosity about the world and my confidence in it. He helped shape my love and appreciation of all things outdoors and for people, too. I watched as he gave and tried his best to reflect God’s love to us and others.

Beholding God’s great love for everyone in Christ, let’s do likewise!

Now we see but a poor reflection;
then we shall see face to face…
These three endure: faith, hope, and love.
But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13