As the ball left the club, I could tell right away it was going to be a good shot. The sound and energy were unmistakable. When it soared from off the fairway all the way to the green 275 yards away, on the fly, landing 15 feet from the flagstick, I knew it was the best shot I’d ever witnessed…

That’s right, it wasn’t my shot, but I was delighted just the same, witnessing what was possible at golf’s highest level. The crowd at the green cheered and minutes later let out a roar as the 15-foot putt was made for an eagle 3 on a par 5. Good stuff!

While most of us golfers don’t approach pro skill level, we do still play and enjoy the beauty, challenge, and comradery golf offers. Also, seeing good golf, gives hope to improve one’s own play!

What if, after hitting that great shot, the pro golfer had turned to invite me “inside the ropes” to join him on the course as he worked- teaching and showing me how to be a better golfer with my head, heart, and habits? What if at some point he decided to carry the clubs as a caddy and turned over to me his round, season, and success?

Crazy, right? Yes, but that’s what Jesus did with his original disciples and is doing with followers today in their everyday lives! He invites us to trust and walk with him and then offers to teach and show us how to do life at the highest level-loving God with all ourselves and loving others as ourselves in all of the relationships and responsibilities of our lives!

Let’s move from Jesus’ spectators to Jesus’ participants!