As I type, I’m feeling a deep rumbling within that’s needs attention. No, we didn’t have chili last night! Actually, the distinctive rumble is coming from the road by my office where there’s more motorcycle traffic than usual. Happy 120th Birthday Harley-Davidson!

Now I am neither a motorcycle enthusiast nor a business guru, but I do understand it’s significant that HD has been innovating and building its motorcycles and growing its culture this long. Good job HD & HD riders, keep it up!

As I understand it, the heart of every HD motorcycle is some variation of a V-twin engine, making the rough, recognizable rumble they are known for. It’s a simple design of two cylinders sharing one crankshaft and some unused spark during each power stroke. It’s far more technical, but that’s as deep as I go!

There are parallels here for Christ followers and the curious… At the heart of Jesus is his simple call for us to deeply love God with all ourselves and love others as ourselves. Faith in the reality Jesus’ incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection offers more than enough power to move us forward. Still, we struggle with rough areas of our lives, underusing God’s spark of life/love within us!

Let’s live out deep love for God and for all other humans!
Let’s show distinctive insight, patience, & compassion!
Let’s admit our rough areas and humbly rumble forward!