Someone let out a yell and everyone on the worksite turned to see what was the matter… Where there had been two energetic young men standing and digging out a post hole for a 6″x6″ gate post, now there was only one standing and the other was halfway into the hole upside down with only his legs sticking out!

Apparently, while reaching down to a depth of almost 4 feet to remove a rocky obstacle, his reach overcame his balance and down he went, hands and head first. Such was the enthusiasm and tenacity of the young man and the entire work crew helping with some outdoor projects at Crossroads. Needless to say, they were extremely helpful and a joy to work alongside!

The young man in the hole?  He was hauled out totally unscathedunfazed, and quickly resumed his unquenchable efforts to help get the job done!

This memorable moment reminds me that at the heart of trusting in and following Jesus Christ is an enthusiasm for helping and serving others.  It’s a response of gratitude to God for the love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and empowerment made available to us through Jesus Christ!  Jesus went to the cross and down a hole for our well-being.  When he emerged and began sharing his victory, good things began happening.  They still are!

Let’s keep it going, loving and serving people around us like Jesus did!