Farmer’s Market

I love farmers markets! The wide variety of locally grown fresh veggies, people of all ages and appearances, mouth-watering bakery goods, flowers of all kinds, local honey, back massages, knife sharpening, delicious smells of spices and cooking on sticks or in tortillas. People with dogs, children in strollers and wagons, children & a dog in a wagon together relishing and bathing in colorful snow cones!

It’s a party and celebration of the bounty of the land, human diversity and ingenuity, and the combination of the two! There’s lots of smiles and laughter to go with the musician playing live music under a popup, and everyone is in close proximity to one another. No one is grumpy, except for the child mourning a snow cone lost to the ground!

Of course, when I’m part of something like this, I think of Jesus and the way he enjoyed and rubbed shoulders with everyday people like you and me. Today, he appreciates everyone’s uniqueness and declares each person to be extraordinarily valuable. Enough so, to lay down his life in love in order to make accessible an unshakable foundation for human well-being and flourishing.

Jesus is all about full access to God. In love, Jesus opens doors, builds bridges, and takes first steps to close gaps. I’m going to try to follow more like that!  How about you?  Let’s try it together!