Oh Deer

So, I’m leaving work in a bit of a hurry…  Tossing my laptop bag and a few books into the back seat, I juggle a few items from my list of To Do’s and push them to Tomorrow!

Starting the car, I don’t recall if I’ve locked the front door just 20 seconds ago.  Car running, I get out to check and am glad I did!  Shaking my head at my mental state, I secure the door, successfully this time, and turn to leave.  That’s when I see them…

Three deer, seemingly appearing from nowhere, munching grass calmly between parking lots as the sun sets brilliantly between bushes on the west edge of our lot.  Suddenly I freeze, taking in this beautiful scene and its simplicity, in contrast to the clutter in my head at that moment.  I take a breath (and a few pics), thank God for the reminder of his presence and provision, and am changed for the better!

Jesus used the illustration of “birds of the air” and “lilies of the field” to illustrate God’s value/care for us humans (Matthew 5:19-34). He talked of empowering and freeing our lives beyond worry, and all the “chasing” and “shrinking” it causes, by instead centering our significance on God’s proven love and lasting presence!  Let’s get to it!