Years ago we bought some camp chairs to go tent camping as a family. They readily folded into carry bags and went many places with us, seeing lots of campfires and showing ember scars to prove it!

Though we haven’t camped in a while (lots of work for low sleep comfort and a rainy camping history) we still have our chairs. We now use them along with a milk crate (Benson Creamery) from college days that serves as a durable no frills table when we’re at:  Brewers tailgates, fire pits off the patio, outdoor live music & pizza on a farm, a popup beer garden in the wild, playing cards outdoors, and anything about anywhere!

Camp chairs are cool, however they’re used, since they’re often involved in activities that center on humans connecting with each other out of their ordinary routines. Such connections are often memorable, meaningful, and have an invigorating impact when we return to our routines!

I think faith in & a following relationship with Jesus Christ can be like that.  He calls us out of our routines to connect meaningfully with him and his love. In powerful ways that can invigorate us and revolutionize the relationships and responsibilities that make up our lives! Pull up a chair and…  Let’s love God with all ourselves and love others as ourselves!