Years ago within “Locksley Hall”, Tennyson wrote the famous words:  “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Though inconsistent with his theme, I’d like to offer a corollary:  “In the late summer an older man’s mania heavily turns to all that might/must be done before the snow flies and football, of course!”

This occurred to me as I stood on a short ladder priming & painting wood trim and thinking of:  other painting to do, bushes to trim, garden to soon turnover, Packers this season, patio to power wash, patio furniture to put in the garage, space to make in garage first, bike to ride, neighborhood fantasy football, Edison lights to hang, message to give, friends to enjoy, getaway with Laura, etc…

Right now, you’re laughing with me or just shaking your head! Life today sure can be a complicated, yet wonderful, balancing and intermeshing of responsibilities and relationships, can’t it? It’s always been that way and always will be.

That being true, it’s important to know that God personally understands this.  No one carried more responsibility, was under more pressure, or had more to lose than Jesus Christ- God as a human being.  Yet, he chose to be fully present & kind with the people around him and sacrificially loving & truthful under the most difficult of circumstances.  I want more of that in me! Let’s know/show God’s love in all our relationships & responsibilities!