Coffee Café

Sitting at and outdoor café this week with my favorite person, enjoying the late afternoon blue sky and nice breeze off the “Great Lake,” we savored some of Collectivo Coffee’s fine nectar and reminisced about living near this old water pumping station, years ago when we first came to Milwaukee…

While we weren’t reclining, we were truly resting and had detached from our responsibilities to listen to one another, appreciate the beauty of the location and eclectic mix of people around us, and get ready for fine music from GIL Jazz Combo & delicious food on Riverwest Pizza’s outdoor patio later that evening. Look them both up!

That’s when God reminded me of something… Twenty-three miles and worlds away from where we live, a young woman walked toward us with a big smile. She’d recognized us sitting at the lakefront café, after her high school tennis team had finished their match and she and a friend had come to get coffee. We’ve had the pleasure of knowing her and her lovely family for 10+ years, but living farther away now, it had been a while since we’d seen her.  Greetings were exchanged, hugs abounded, and the delight in her face was contagious!

When they departed for the baristas inside, I got the nudge and heard the inaudible, unforgettable whisper– “I’m about love and people. That’s what endures! Love me and love people, in Jesus’ unique power. Rest up and enjoy your evening out.” Got it and it was great evening!