Sunset Farming

It is one of God’s great gifts to me to live on the western edge of our small city, where the subdivisions give way to farmland. I get to readily witness two things I greatly enjoy- agricultural activity along with some amazing sunsets. This week, they coincided before my eyes in a way both glorious and instructive…

I was on a quick run to the grocery to get an item for the meal Laura almost had ready.  Along the west bypass I noticed clouds of dust billowing across the road from corn being harvested just to the west. I closed the car windows, focused on the pressing task at hand, and barely noticed the harvesters or waning sunlight.

On my way home, ten minutes later, was another story entirely!  The sky to the west had been transformed, capturing my attention and compelling me to find the nearest vantage point.  It was then, as I tried to capture it on my phone, that I noticed the juxtaposition of the endeavors of humanity (like farming) under and often in concert with the creating and sustaining Glory of God in all things (like food, sunsets, earth, solar systems, galaxies, cosmos, so much more…)

In that moment, I was humbled and re-reminded to slow down and pay attention to the glory of God in all relationships and responsibilities. And to be thankful for the gift every breath and heartbeat and all the potential to do good in each one!  Let’s do more of that together!