The coffee was warm, nearby fountain cheerful, and atmosphere along Savannah’s Riverfront relaxed. Then it all changed within minutes…

A container ship 1,100 feet long (dwarfing the Titanic in all dimensions) lumbered in from the ocean, guided by three tugboats, and passed within 50 yards of us. It was immense and took over everyone’s vision and attention before it moved on, provoking speculations of disaster:  “It looks like it’s going to hit the bridge!”  “What if it crashes into the riverfront area?”  “What if it gets stuck and blocks the river like 2021 Suez Canal?”

While I found the huge ship exciting, it got me thinking about life and the unexpected and disruptive happenings that often come our way.  You know, abrupt changes related to our vocations, finances, relationships, health, and the turbulent landscapes in politics, economics, and society.  Such things can often appear bigger and more negative than they really are or need to be and overwhelm our fields of view and thinking.

Traveling and living alongside Jesus in very demanding and unsettling circumstances, one of his followers asked Jesus to teach him how to pray the way he did.  Clearly, he’d connected Jesus praying with Jesus doing-as should we!  Using what Jesus shared (Matthew 6:9-15, Luke 11:1-4) about talking directly, honestly, humbly, and wholeheartedly with God will help us connect meaningfully with the loving presence, perspective, and power of the living God, who is greater than all that may overwhelm or overpower us.  Lord, help us to pray and go forward as Jesus did!