Take a Breath

Well, we’re right in the middle of Thanksgiving and New Years holidays; where we try to pack a year’s worth of activities and expectations into 5-6 weeks. You know what I’m talking about!

Before you keel over from exhaustion or get panicky & fearful, take a Christmas breath with me

> Christmas invites us to be part of an unending love story!
> Christmas calls us to risk faith that loves God & others!
> Christmas helps us know & share God’s joy that overflows!

In Jesus, God’s humble & vulnerable entrance into humanity, involving a wide range of regular, relatable humans, is truly needed good news for today and countless tomorrows!

Do not be afraidZechariah; your prayer has been heard…”     Luke 1:13
Do not be afraidMary, you have found favor with God…”       Luke 1:30
Do not be afraidJoseph, to take Mary home as your wife…”  Matthew 1:20

Let’s not give in to fear and its myriad of destructive forms that cause so much damage within ourselves and to others. Jesus is God with us, and gift of love to all of us!