Outside town, late at night, under the stars, those still awake and keeping watch, with pupils wide open, were unprepared for the sudden onslaught of bright light. When the glory came, it pierced eyes and brains alike and filled their hearts with extreme fear…

Then a great and penetrating voice calmed their fears in an instant, announcing: “Good News of Great Joy for All People.” In the town nearby, a Savior somebody (Messiah/Christ the Lord) had been born to them and all outsider nobodies like them! The discoverable evidence of all this was God as a vulnerable baby, swaddled in pieces of cloth and resting in an animal feeding trough. Of course!

A chorus of heavenly voices sent them to experience for themselves, firsthand, the veracity of the message and reality of God with us. And their lives were joyfully and infectiously never the same! May it be so with us. For in Jesus, God is with us and for us!  So, let’s get to it!