God with Us

We went out to a gathering place this week and settled in with 3 large screens in front of us occupying our full field of vision

As we watched mostly the football and Bucks games, Laura suddenly said, “Hey, I like THE HAT that guy is wearing!” So, I looked over to the screen she was looking at. Before I could comment, a guy a few seats away said, “Did she really call him, THAT GUY?” I laughed and told her who it was.

In her defense, THE TV was the furthest away, THE ATHLETE was in street clothes due to injury with a KNIT HAT pulled low on his head. With Laura being a knitter of great hats, HER FOCUS quite understandably was on the colors & patterns of the hat, rather than its wearer, LeBron James!

With Christmas just a few days away, most of us have got lots of things occupying our full fields of vision. So much so, that it can be rather easy to relegate Jesus Christ to THAT BABY (in manger) or THAT GUY (on a cross) status in our thinking and living.

So, let’s strive to keep our focus on Jesus Christ, who is “God with Us” and “God for All of Us”!  In Jesus, God’s generous love, gracious mercy, and empowering presence are uniquely available to everyone! God’s great love gift, so we become generous givers of love, too!