“Hi Steve!”  The voice called from behind and across the street as I walked up my driveway carrying the mail. Instantly, I knew the voice of our neighbor of many years, whose spouse had just had major surgery and was in the hospital.  As I turned to greet back, I heard what sounded like the hospitalized spouse’s voice and saw what looked like that spouse get into a car and drive off!

I was totally confused and flummoxed because my ears and eyes were telling me it was his spouse, which my brain knew wasn’t true. Couldn’t be!  Later, we shared a good laugh over his spouse’s sister, with a similar voice & appearance, dropping off food for him!

This got me thinking about the confusion and reactions of Jesus’ first followers in response to his very unexpected resurrection. “Looks and sounds like him, but it can’t be!  I saw his death!”

Nonetheless, on that third day, Jesus showed up quite unexpectedly, rescuing his followers at their lowest and empowering them forward!

With much more than a glimpse or sound bite, Jesus’ distinctive voice shared his victory, peace, and vision. He continues to do so, today! Let’s learn to live out more of his unexpected life in 2024!