Loaves and Fish

In pairs, at the teacher’s direction, they’d done things they’d seen him do. Good things, that they’d never dreamed they could do, but had!

Knowing they were in need of food, quiet, and rest, he told them to follow and all 12 piled into the boat with him and headed across the water- hungry for what he’d offered. On the other side, another crowd awaited, with their own hunger and anticipation for sustenance beyond substance.

Moved with compassion, the teacher pivoted, speaking to the needs of the crowd and fatiguing the 12 who’d become increasingly concerned about the crowd’s and their own hunger in such a remote place and late hour. They wanted him to send away the crowd.  He told them to give the people something to eat. Incredulous; the 12 balked at the cost and logistics.

Taking their 5 & 2 (loaves & fish), the teacher gave thanks, dividing and multiplying both and giving them to the 12 to distribute.  Amazingly, all ate and were satisfied to the astonishment of the 12 who picked up 12 basketfuls of extras. His powerful lesson continues today…  (Mark 6:30-44)

We’re like them.  He’s still Jesus!  Let’s keep stumbling forward!