30 days ago, 24″ of heavy snow severely tested everything outdoors- roofs, trees, power poles & lines, vehicles, lower backs, patience, etc…

Such storms, whether with snow, hail, rain, high winds, or all of the above, have been called, “God’s pruning,” since they expose or shake loose the deadwood from growing things so they grow better in the future. In similar fashion, sports coaches will unexpectedly “raise the temperature” of practice demands for their teams to expose weakness and help focus on playing better.
The best coach ever both played and coached simultaneously.  Living with his team in a wide variety of places and circumstances, he lived and taught his way, often turning up the heat on himself before his team and more than his team. Yeah, a different kind of leading and pruning
Who does that?  Not Reid, Shanahan, or even Lombardi!  He is Jesus Christ, who turned what looked like colossal failure into the greatest shared victory ever. A victory that grows in scope daily as more and more people trust in his crucifixion and resurrection victory for them and his pruning as well!

Let’s view difficulty as opportunity to get growing with Jesus!