I finally saw “Oppenheimer,” this week. There were many interesting aspects! One, involved young Robert Oppenheimer as a frustrated university student who went to the lecture of a famous physicist, Niels Bohr, contrary to the sanction of his professor.

After the lecture, Bohr visited the professor and noticed Oppenheimer standing nearby. Bohr told young Robert he saw him at the lecture and he’d asked the only good questions. Then Bohr drew him in further…

Bohr:  “Algebra is like sheet music. The important thing isn’t can you
read music. It’s can you hear it.” “Can you hear the music, Robert?

Oppenheimer “Yes, I can.”

Bohr illustrated the quantum difference between just doing or solving the algebraic equations of physics versus being able to seeappreciate, and interact with the physical realities within the equations. It was a seminal moment for Oppenheimer and the trajectory of his life!

Total Jesus moment! Like Jesus illustrating the quantum difference between just knowing about God from written words and rules versus actually seeingappreciating & interacting with God and other humans based on his revealed love for us…

Jesus:  “Love God with all yourself.” (all your heart, all your soul,
all your mind, all your strength) & “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Jesus:  “Can you hear the music, (fill-in your name)???

Let’s hear the music-  loving others like Jesus & starting chain reactions!