In recent days, I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with an old friend in the active environment of central Waukesha.  When we’ve run into each other, it’s always a pleasure seeing and talking with him. When he recognizes me, his face brightens with energy!  He doesn’t see me in the way I am most familiar, but in a way more complete

My friend, Greg, has been without visual sight since I’ve known him, but he “sees” just fine with his soul, ears, and other senses!

I’m always stunned at his listening & recognition abilities and his consistent, infectious cheerfulness.  At a local music venue, after 20 years without contact, I greeted him in a small crowd. When I asked if he remembered me, he paused only a moment, then said with enthusiasm, “Steve Brinkman!” Seconds later, he blurted out, “How’s Laura?” It was both amazing and heartwarming.

This week I got to speak at a gathering of local university students.  Love their passion!  Shortly before things got started, a student leader guided me off to the side to a group of 3.  In the middle was Greg. “We’re going to pray for you!” he said with a smile and then drew us into God’s presence together with him thru his prayer.

Greg reminds me of how well God sees & loves us humans in Jesus! Regardless of history or interval, access is ready & easy, recognition spot on, and connection helpful & heartwarming!

Thanks Greg, for being you and showing Jesus!  Let’s do so, too!