Faith Fire

We ate Lou’s deep-dish pizza and huddled around a warm blaze in our fireplace this Wed evening. It was a knee-jerk response to the temp hitting 70 Tue and plunging to -17 wind chill Wed mid-morning. Yeah, an 87 degree drop. Comfort food & fire were definite necessities!

When you’ve got a good fire going, inside or out, it warms and lifts the spirits of those around it, as it releases energy in a dance of flame that draws people. Like all fires, ours needed tending to keep it giving off light and warmth. As the “tender,” I made lots of trips to the hearth and one to the garage for the wood to keep it burning.

Faith in God is like an encouraging, empowering fire within us! It initially uplifts whoever “sparks” their raw materials thru faith in and worship of God. It then spreads to drawing in others and blessing them, also!  Jesus clearly stated that true faith in God centered on- loving God with all ourselves and loving others as ourselves. One centering focus, two relational components, indivisible and sourced in God’s great love for everyone. Bring it Jesus!

Let’s keep tending the fire of our faith with these raw materials: Relating to God with authenticity, humility, gratitude, and passion!  Relating to others with appreciation, cooperation, generosity and compassion! Let’s release the full potential of God’s love!