Hiking in the mountains of Colorado some years back (before mobile phones). I went to explore by myself for a bit with the understanding I’d meet up with our group at another location at a certain time…

Well, the trail had spectacular views and time got away from me and I was going to be late for the meet up. So, I left the trail looking for a shortcut down the mountain to save time. After side-stepping 100 feet down a steep incline that looked promising, I discovered just in time it was about to end in a sheer 300-foot drop!

After berating myself and giving God thanks, I headed the only direction possible, back up the steep incline to the trail. Dirty, dehydrated, and exhausted, I did get to the bottom, but was still miles from where I needed to be. Sitting dejected on the nearest bench, I was stunned when a shuttle bus pulled up next to me within 2 minutes and was headed for the place I needed to go!

God is the mountain, beckoning us closer! God shows us new views, both spectacular & quite humbling! God resides in commitment and connection with others! God offers the trail, with adventure &guidance to any that follow. God is the shuttle bus, showing up just in time, always with room, & especially when we’re dirty, tired, & dejected.  God is Jesus, who’s driving the bus, knowing us and the way!