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Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Every now and then I get to bowl a few games...  The last few times have been at events to raise funds for non-profits making a positive difference in

Mother’s Day2022-05-18T15:37:36-05:00

Challenge & Change

Challenge and Change Good morning!  The gym I infrequent is big into surrounding its members with motivational input.  Walls are adorned with posters of active, happy, well-toned humans, music reverberates with pulse-quickening rhythms from exercise rooms, and high visibility signage

Challenge & Change2022-05-18T15:24:50-05:00

Good Friday

Good Friday Gathered that night, for a Passover Feast cherishing an impossible victory won for them long ago when they were the least. Slaves they had

Good Friday2022-04-19T10:42:14-05:00


Extraordinary Each and every day is truly extraordinary.  So is each and every person!  Both are full of possibility and opportunity as back stories and present details crash into and interweave with one


Raging River

Raging River "Have you been paying attention to what I've been saying?"  Though inaudible, the voice was quite clear.  It was God trying to roust me from the slump I've been

Raging River2022-04-03T08:53:24-05:00

The Peacocks

The Peacocks It's been a while since I've been to an animal zoo.  You may be asking if there is any other kind?  Of course!  It

The Peacocks2022-03-27T09:10:03-05:00

Iguanas are Next

Iguanas are Next "You've got to stop preaching from Exodus!" the voice said over the phone.  "I'm certain locusts are next!"  "That was last week's message," I replied calmly, but with

Iguanas are Next2022-03-27T09:05:29-05:00


Grandpuppy Dear Crossroads Family & Friends, Thanks to all who sent words of encouragement this week regarding my history of pet failures and dog disasters from last week!  Words like: "If I


Pause for a Moment

Pause for a Moment 🐾 Permit me to poke fun at an internal conflict I'm having.  Yes, I know it's laughable, but it also relates to real issues everyone has when considering faith in God and following forward with God in life... I'm about

Pause for a Moment2022-03-06T14:29:20-06:00

Stand Up

Stand Up I have no Ukrainian or Russian ancestry, nor visited either country.  Still, I grieve over recent events and will respond in a few ways... You see, my family of origin is a melting pot of German, Swedish, Irish, Chinese, Korean, and

Stand Up2022-03-06T14:15:04-06:00