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Bounding Thankfulness

Bounding Thankfulness Thanksgiving morning, it was nice to break from a busy schedule and lots of changes.  As I took a moment to thankfully savor a mug of strong

Bounding Thankfulness2022-11-29T14:05:00-06:00

No Whining

No Whining Wisconsin weather in late January and early February can be pretty tough to take. But when it hits in mid-November,

No Whining2022-11-29T14:02:17-06:00

Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy Few who've had full-blown flu desire to catch it again. Being sick and miserable for 3-7 days, or even dying, is a terrible waste. Yet annually we battle

Stay Healthy2022-11-29T13:58:05-06:00

Go Kale

Go Kale! Fall is waning, yet in our garden the kale still stands!  All three varieties are still growing and delicious in both salads and soup.

Go Kale2022-11-29T13:53:53-06:00

Sunrise and sunset

Sunrise and sunset It's been an unusual week for me. I spent four days in SW Florida dealing with some post-hurricane challenges with my family there.  Like

Sunrise and sunset2022-10-27T09:53:12-05:00

Better Reality

Better Reality Dear Crossroads Family & Friends, Earlier this week, I found myself pacing (stalking) around our house in an agitated state and having trouble focusing.  Now, I often do some of my

Better Reality2022-10-27T09:48:40-05:00

Big Splash

Big Splash Driving past a public pool this week, I was struck by how deserted and lifeless it looked compared to 3-4 weeks ago. Yes,

Big Splash2022-09-22T09:25:55-05:00


Wristbands Our neighborhood of 17+ years often brings a big smile to my face! We're truly blessed by the wide range of ages, interests, backgrounds, vocations, and family life



Tomato It's taken a while, but our big tomato plants are finally delivering fruit at a good pace!  We've already had to get



Driving We've done quite a bit of driving together recently.  Fun outings and day trips around Wisconsin and northern Illinois and a long-distance visit to