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Make a Difference

Make a Difference My Covid cough (like many who've had it) is not going quietly into the night.  Though I'm well past contagious

Make a Difference2022-01-17T10:13:02-06:00

Adapt Well

Adapt Well Happy New Year 2022! As I emerge from my Covid cocoon, It's a relief to have energy and think clearly

Adapt Well2022-01-14T17:00:09-06:00

Good News of Great Joy

Good News of Great Joy Hope you're having a joyful and refreshing Christmas! Last night's waning fireplace flames got me thinking about the shepherds outside of

Good News of Great Joy2021-12-31T15:09:05-06:00

Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid Talking to the auto service advisor and technician, I became aware of a feeling of dread starting to creep over me. 

Do Not Be Afraid2021-12-31T14:49:39-06:00

Shared Wisdom

Shared Wisdom Sipping my morning coffee, a desperate plea came from the laundry room, "There's something very wrong with the washer!"  Expecting a torrent of moving water on the floor, I hurried to help... Water not

Shared Wisdom2021-12-09T16:28:19-06:00


#WaukeshaStrong Nov. 23, 2021 Less than 48 hours ago, the tragic events of this year's Waukesha Holiday Parade unfolded with startling speed and traumatic impact. 


Amazing Miracles

Amazing Miracles Nov. 20, 2021 Every day and moment, you and the people around you are walking, talking, amazing miracles! Our hearts beat 60-100 beats per

Amazing Miracles2021-12-03T16:24:41-06:00

Priceless currency

Priceless Currency Nov. 12, 2021 My favorite home improvement store says, "Save Big Money" there.  While I'm certain I spend more money than I actually save,

Priceless currency2021-11-14T09:20:53-06:00

Sunrise, get up!

Sunrise! Get Up! Sat, November 6, 2021 Well before coffee, groggy in bed, and trying to orient on my phone, I heard

Sunrise, get up!2021-11-07T10:42:06-06:00

That great victory

That Great Victory October 29, 2021 Dear Crossroads Family & Friends, The cheer erupted from within me and filled our living room with a combination of elation and disbelief! 

That great victory2021-11-07T10:39:40-06:00