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Rearview How was your Christmas?  I hope you got to share time with loved ones, celebrated God's gift of life & love to us in Jesus, and made good memories together! Hard to believe


God with Us

God with Us We went out to a gathering place this week and settled in with 3 large screens in front of us

God with Us2024-01-25T15:56:02-06:00


Shepherds Outside town, late at night, under the stars, those still awake and keeping watch, with pupils wide open, were unprepared for the


Take a Breath

Take a Breath Well, we're right in the middle of Thanksgiving and New Years holidays; where we try to pack a year's worth of activities

Take a Breath2023-12-14T10:43:42-06:00

Heavens and Skies

Heavens and Skies Sunsets continue to take my breath away... Each is different, possessing its own combination of color palette variations and light intensities. Sometimes

Heavens and Skies2023-12-14T10:40:17-06:00


Perspective The coffee was warm, nearby fountain cheerful, and atmosphere along Savannah's Riverfront relaxed. Then it all changed within minutes... A container ship 1,100 feet


Sunset Farming

Sunset Farming It is one of God's great gifts to me to live on the western edge of our small city, where the subdivisions give

Sunset Farming2023-12-14T10:35:05-06:00

Patio Tomato

Patio Tomato Sitting outside last week, I couldn't believe my eyes! In the inhospitable "sea of concrete" of our patio, a healthy tomato plant was unexpectedly growing strong in

Patio Tomato2023-10-09T13:16:26-05:00


Graveyard We have a graveyard of sorts about 150 yards south of our house. It's just past the t-intersection where our street ends at a busier street. Among the


Coffee Cafe

Coffee Café Sitting at and outdoor café this week with my favorite person, enjoying the late afternoon blue sky and nice breeze off the

Coffee Cafe2023-10-09T13:12:15-05:00