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Free Parking

Free Parking "You missed it!" said the Google Maps jockey in the passenger seat, just as I drove past the nondescript entrance to the parking garage! We were

Free Parking2023-04-03T16:46:52-05:00


Snowthrower No, not trying to unload this bad boy on Craig's List.  Far from it after the last three "wet cement" snowfalls!  I've had this machine for



Hoops So, how's your bracket?  Bruised, battered, and/or busted?  All I can say is, "Paladins and Tigers and Knights, Oh my!" This week, 1,020 men's college basketball players on



Toothbrush As water streamed down my wet hair, my beloved on the other side of the shower curtain asked me, "Do you know which toothbrush



Uno The six-year-old card shark sitting across from me let out a whoop as she laid down her last card and triumphantly announced that she was the "Queen


Power On

Power On Years back, before phone flashlights, I was plunged into darkness as I sat in a public restroom stall.  Sort of a nightmare scenario, but at least I didn't scream.  Go ahead, throw the

Power On2023-02-05T12:48:04-06:00


Butterburger Sitting in a Culver's, enjoying a Deluxe Butterburger, fries, and an unexpectedly good coffee, I was reminded of a few things... Quality travels-  When



Dinner We had a memorable dinner out recently.  It wasn't just good take outor fast food on the run when busy.  It was a truly engaging experience which kept me


Friends Help

Friends Help We're 2 weeks into 2023 and studies indicate the next 2-3 weeks can be very difficult for many people.  So, how you doing? If your holiday...  adrenaline has worn off, spending come due, eating

Friends Help2023-02-05T12:32:23-06:00

Windshield View

Windshield View The OLD year is about done.  The NEW a few hours away...  You ready?  Is anybody ever truly ready! That's one of the interesting things about

Windshield View2023-01-01T16:53:53-06:00