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Pedal Power

Pedal Power Driving behind a well-traveled SUV this week, a bumper sticker caught my attention: "London, Paris, Tokyo, A-Basin."  I laughed, since it brought back good memories of a summer trip with

Pedal Power2022-02-26T11:42:17-06:00

Lambeau Leap

Lambeau Leap I'm sure you have heard the phrase often used to encourage optimism and a positive, can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune...  "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"  Lemons

Lambeau Leap2022-02-15T15:07:07-06:00

What Are You Drinking?

What Are You Drinking? Sitting down for lunch with some friends, I noticed they'd gotten beverages already.  As my rear end hit the

What Are You Drinking?2022-02-15T13:29:01-06:00

Positive Difference Maker

Positive Difference Maker Now and again, I review and thank God for the people who've made a positive difference in my life.  In many ways, I stand on and have been shaped by the

Positive Difference Maker2022-02-04T15:12:21-06:00

Make a Difference

Make a Difference My Covid cough (like many who've had it) is not going quietly into the night.  Though I'm well past contagious

Make a Difference2022-01-17T10:13:02-06:00

Adapt Well

Adapt Well Happy New Year 2022! As I emerge from my Covid cocoon, It's a relief to have energy and think clearly

Adapt Well2022-01-14T17:00:09-06:00

Good News of Great Joy

Good News of Great Joy Hope you're having a joyful and refreshing Christmas! Last night's waning fireplace flames got me thinking about the shepherds outside of

Good News of Great Joy2021-12-31T15:09:05-06:00

Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid Talking to the auto service advisor and technician, I became aware of a feeling of dread starting to creep over me. 

Do Not Be Afraid2021-12-31T14:49:39-06:00

Shared Wisdom

Shared Wisdom Sipping my morning coffee, a desperate plea came from the laundry room, "There's something very wrong with the washer!"  Expecting a torrent of moving water on the floor, I hurried to help... Water not

Shared Wisdom2021-12-09T16:28:19-06:00


#WaukeshaStrong Nov. 23, 2021 Less than 48 hours ago, the tragic events of this year's Waukesha Holiday Parade unfolded with startling speed and traumatic impact.