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Two years ago today, during early Covid, I was wheeled into an operating room for very unexpected colon cancer surgery.  I’d had no symptoms and always been very healthy until three weeks before, when a routine colonoscopy revealed I would need a surgeon, soon.  Abrupt disruption.

After the gut punch diagnosis and breathtaking gauntlet of tests before surgery, I was under the bright lights with a team of surgical nurses, an anesthesiologist, my surgeon, and a robotic surgical device.  Don’t tempt me with a good time!

Looking back, despite my surgery being more difficult than expected, it went very well.  Specifically, I’d like to praise Dr. John Touzios – Robotic Surgery, Dr. Amy Henry – Anesthesiology, Dr. Aravind Vijayapal – Gastroenterology, and the many dedicated medical professionals at UW Health Cancer Center at ProHealth & ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital!

I am now fully healed, but have yet to fully recover my life beforehand, which is an unexpected good thing.  I think I am now better as a person and pastor through the experience and partnership I shared with medical professionals, Laura and our family, helping & praying friends, and Almighty God.

More now, I’m trying to center my days upon a thankful attitude to God for the life and love given to me in Christ, which is unshakeable.  Of course, I have varying degrees of success at this, but there’s progress!  Also, I’d like a God-centered attitude within me to shape my response to circumstances (pleasant or unpleasant) more than circumstances shaping my attitude!

Philippians 1:3-6 reminds us that Jesus Christ has begun a good work in us, through faith in him, that he will bring to complete fulfillment.  Through this good news, we are joyful partners with Jesus and with one another!  Let’s get following & partnering in all our relationship & responsibilities!

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