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I was reminded this week of God’s sense of humor

As “Commish” of our neighborhood fantasy football league, I was trying to send a team manager his winnings. He’d done well, but I hadn’t heard back where to send it. Hoping to be funny and light a fire under him, I texted:  “Hey, are you out there? Should I send your winnings to a local charity?”

His quick response and what followed still makes me smile: “Actually, I like the donation idea, Steve. Is there one you are close to?” Stunned, my mind went to a local ministry that reaches out with warm mealstoiletries, a clothing closet, delivery of used furniture, and various forms of advocacy. Over many years, our church has gotten to serve warm meals and financially support their excellent work.

So, I texted him about the Hope Center in Waukesha. He knew it well since his family supports them and the director even goes to their church. He said they’d make an extra contribution from his winnings! Then it got funnier

An inaudible voice said, “Didn’t expect that, did you? What about your winnings? How about putting more walk behind that talk?” That’s when I burst out laughing, knowing what I wanted to do. I went to light a fire and God lit one in me!

Let’s make room for God’s beautiful, disruptive, life-giving ways!

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