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Mother’s Day

Every now and then I get to bowl a few games…  The last few times have been at events to raise funds for non-profits making a positive difference in the community.  Keep it up Good Friends!

When I lace up those slippery shoes and roll the ball down the alley, a wide range of outcomes are on full display.  Gutter balls, missed head pins & pickups, open frames, an odd collection of spares, and occasional strikes are all on the menu!  While my assortment is not for those with a delicate constitution, it’s me, good and not so good all mixed together!

This Mother’s Day, I encourage you to remember that Mothers are one of the great ways God shows us his robust love for us!  From our very beginnings, we are on full display to our mothers- which is a lot!  Our mothers are essential in loving, carrying, feeding, cleaning, nurturing, guiding, encouraging, and launching us forward!

Thank You Moms, we love and greatly appreciate you! 

2304, 2022

Challenge & Change

April 23rd, 2022|

Challenge and Change Good morning!  The gym I infrequent is big into surrounding its members with motivational input.  Walls are adorned with posters of active, happy, well-toned humans, music reverberates with pulse-quickening rhythms from exercise rooms, and high visibility signage offers words that inspire... One sign in particular got

1404, 2022

Good Friday

April 14th, 2022|

Good Friday Gathered that night, for a Passover Feast cherishing an impossible victory won for them long ago when they were the least. Slaves they had been, but miraculously set free through active faith in God's mighty hand and the blood

904, 2022


April 9th, 2022|

Extraordinary Each and every day is truly extraordinary.  So is each and every person!  Both are full of possibility and opportunity as back stories and present details crash into and interweave with one another becoming the days, people, and narratives of the future! In a very big