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Raisin Bread

Raisin bread doesn’t last long in our household. And yes, I am the primary culprit. I find the wonderful combination of raisins, flour, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla super delicious!  Can you relate?

This got me thinking about its ingredients and how they’re sourced and then offer their unique qualities to the baker to be expertly combined to delight our taste receptors!  I guess all combinations that benefit our senses and well-being can be viewed this way…  music groups (classical, jazz, rock), sports teams (Brewers, Packers, Bucks), work groups (admin, sales, install, service), and purpose groups (worship & service, culture & community, health & wellness, neighborhoods, nuclear & extended families).

It’s likely, you are part of and involved in some groups like these, looking to combine who you are and what you can do to bring benefit to others.

If that’s true for you, Jesus would regard your desire to contribute and unique interests and abilities as “fruit”!  When we relate to Jesus in faith that’s organic and dynamic, it is like a fruit-bearing branch (us) connected to a central vine (Jesus) that sources the branch with all the life and love it will ever need to produce beneficial fruit!

Back to the raisin bread… Raisins, cinnamon, vanilla beans, and wheat are all “fruit” from the plants they grow from. Let’s be more like them, sourced in the living love of Jesus and bearing “fruit” in & thru our lives that benefit many. Be Part of the Raisin Bread, not just a consumer!

1506, 2024


June 15th, 2024|

Mugs Several years ago I was given a pair of coffee mugs by a dear friend.  I don't recall the exact details, but I think it involved thankfulness for Jesus in our friendship.

106, 2024


June 1st, 2024|

Robin This overcast morning, I noticed an adult robin showing a younger one how to catch worms in our backyard. It was cool to see how the older modeled searching and the younger initially struggled with focus, but started to catch some.

2605, 2024

Rough Seas

May 26th, 2024|

Rough Seas This week I got thinking about a folk-rock song from the 70's that riveted me long before I made Wisconsin home and became more familiar with the greatness of the Great Lakes... The