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Free Parking

You missed it!” said the Google Maps jockey in the passenger seat, just as I drove past the nondescript entrance to the parking garage! We were within two blocks of the less traveled museum we planned to visit in downtown Chicago.  So, I did a quick U-turn, then a hard left, and plunged across the sidewalk and down the narrow ramp more like a passageway in an Indiana Jones movie.  At the bottom, I was informed that getting out would cost $35 for less than 2 hours. Biting my lip, I took the ticket from the machine.  Gotta pay to play!

As we walked up to the museum entrance, we dug around to get our methods of access ready.  Two had cards from a Milwaukee museum that would grant access, the other their full entrance fee in hand.  As it turned out, neither method was needed.  Due to computer system troubles that day, full access to all exhibits was given for free to everyone.  How refreshingly different!

This got me thinking about when Jesus got quite upset with the status quo of a prominent church he visited.  Upon his arrival, he noticed access was being restricted to the meaningful activities and areas of the church, unless various costly fees were paid to purify one’s money and then purchase acceptance and access into God’s presence.  Instead of making worship of God and prayer more accessible, it had become difficult, oppressive, and exploitative.

That’s why Jesus overturned the tables at that church and later turned the tables for everyone through his crucifixion and resurrection!  His full payment for our sin and failures has given full access to God’s presence, peace, and power through humble faith in him.

Let’s cherish & share access to his love, not missing & restricting it!

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