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Yeah, it’s happening…  Our surroundings in WI are transforming right before our delighted eyes and spirits!  Spring excellently reminds us that new life and renewal can burst forth at any moment!

With more of the sun’s light & warmth reaching us, renewal happens! Why the changes in light? It’s not the sun that varies its output to or pull upon us! Rather, it’s earth’s changing orientation toward or away form the sun. So, (except at the equator) we’re all moving back and forth between leaning into and leaning away from the sun, which impacts the quality & benefit light we received.

Similar to sun/earth, is the relationship between God/humans described in the Bible and still relevant today. Just as the sun is earth’s source of light, warmth, and gravitational pull (making life possible), so Jesus is humanity’s source of God’s light and insight for life, warmth of deep understanding & compassion, and pull of everlasting love that grounds & empowers us to live with and love others better!

However, while the earth is locked into its cycle of varying alignment with the sun’s light, it’s much different with humans and God! Thanks to Jesus’ incarnation as a human being, crucifixion as full payment for our selfishness & failures, and resurrection to share victory over sin & death with us, we can receive unwavering full exposure to God’s light & love! Leaning into Jesus thru faith in & following him sets us free to flourish in all the relationships and responsibilities of life!

Let’s live in the light of the Son, flourishing & blessing others!

1304, 2024


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2903, 2024

Greek Dolmades

March 29th, 2024|

Greek Dolmades Dear Crossroads Family & Friends, The faces around the big, circular table had driven, flown, and Lyfted in from several states and across the Atlantic to dine at this Chicago restaurant