Dear Crossroads Family & Friends,

Easter moves around in concert with Passover’s full moon.  For many here in WI, it marks the start of “psychological spring.”  As such, expectations run high for warming temperatures, greening landscapes, and renewed life bursting forth!  No one wants to wait a single minute, let alone four more weeks.  Yet, here we are facing a quarantine extension together that many have strong, legitimate & divergent opinions about.  It remains to be seen if we will be gracious and kind to one another in the midst of our differences…  By the way, I am unabashedly optimistic and hopeful we will do so!

The first Easter, Jesus demonstrated his victory over sin & death and announced his plan to use his ordinary & unproven disciples to be part of sharing the victory with all peoples, in all places, and in all times!  An outlandish plan with long odds…  In the words of Gimli the dwarf, “Certainty of death.  Small chance of success.  What are we waiting for?” (Tolkien’s Return of the King)  Indeed, centuries later, as always, today’s Jesus followers can be:

-Hopefully Confident:  JESUS replaces death with resurrection life!

-Humbly Authentic:  JESUS renews and uses real, imperfect people!

-Expectantly Transformed:  HOLY SPIRIT gives power to soar!  🙂

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Be strong in the love, grace, and peace of Jesus! -Steve


Dear Crossroads Family & Friends,

The events of the first Easter weekend were quite a roller coaster ride.  For Jesus’ first disciples, events progressed from celebratory to ominous; to disorienting, frightening and devastating; then quite unexpectedly to disbelief, rejoicing and empowerment!  Sounds like timeless Good News worth a listen… 🙂

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Can we do this?  Absolutely!  All you need is any kind of bread & juice to remember Jesus’ broken body & shed blood for you 
on the cross, and your willingness to trust in and be thankful for Jesus’ sacrificial love for you!  Pastor Steve will lead you 

and whoever you’re with, through the rest.  We will join millions of Jesus’ followers worldwide…

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We will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection victory over sin and death with an uplifting Easter message from Pastor Steve!

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Be strong in the love, grace, and peace of Jesus! -Pastor Steve



Crossroads Family & Friends,
First and foremost, I want you to know that I love and care deeply about each of you and your families

and pray for God’s gracious hand upon you regularly. You don’t need me to tell you we are in difficult times.

Coronavirus has seismically shifted the social, cultural, and economic landscape of all our lives in less than a week.

Many people are unsettled, fearful, and even terrified.  The “earthquake” we’re in will have more “aftershocks”
that will threaten to destabilize and disorient us further…

 in all this upheaval, Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever…
HE IS eternal & everlastingHE IS rock-solid footingHE IS pursuing loveHE IS grace & truth,
HE IS unshakable compassionHE IS unexpected victory –
giving resurrection life, hope, power, courage, and so much more! 
As Jesus believer-followers, let’s help one another to rememberstand firm on,
and serve out of these unchanging realities in our unique spheres of influence and God’s family!

Last Sat & Sun, we took some good first steps
1- Cancelled Sun service to fight unseen virus transmission
2- Streamed message “Soar when Facing Giant Odds” to encourage people (our first ever)
(Find video, parts 1&2, on Facebook: crossroads church – pewaukee wi)
(Message outline & scripture on website: gocrossroads.net)
Take look & listen if you haven’t already!

Going forward, we’ll take more 
& better steps
We, Jesus’ people, must continue to CONNECT, ENCOURAGE, & EMPOWER people.
Connect (use remote technologies regularly & effectively)
Encourage (share God’s Living Word & worship, and show care in meaningful ways)
Empower (breathe Holy Spirit vision to give power to serve & contribute)

1- Stream Sunday messages from God’s Word
(getting better as we go)
1a- Make video messages & outlines easier to access on Facebook & website.
1b- Find ways to include periodic worship music & Lord’s Supper on live streams.

2- Start mid-week “Connecting Point” communications
(from Pastor Steve & others)
2a- Use emails, video links, or website to encourage & strengthen people

3- More to come…
Thanks for readingpraying over, and giving feedback on these ideas!

I strongly believe that God will help us all to…
1- Adapt/Not Quit, leaning on Jesus!
2- Serve/Lead, showing Jesus & giving hope!
3- Pray/Involve, releasing the Holy Spirit in our lives & midst!
For Jesus, your brother & pastor,
Dear Crossroads Family & Friends,
Crossroads Church leaders and I have decided to cancel this Sunday’s (March 15) worship service. 
Here’s why…  Right now, Covid-19 is an insidious enemy of all people and communities, particularly harming the weak and vulnerable among us,
through undetectable transmissions. It is sweeping the world and now our nation.  It demands action to overcome it.
Jesus calls us to two primary things: “Love God & Love People”, which is really one thing (Mark 12:30).
We get to work out the details… 
So, to help defeat this enemy and “run quickly to the battle line” (1 Samuel 17:48), we encourage you to be part of our church family
sharing in these three proactive steps:
1. Avoid larger gatherings to limit opportunity for human transmissions.
    (We will keep you posted on the status of future Sunday worship services…)
2. Pray daily & earnestly for God to mercifully & powerfully help us (as communities, states, and nations) 
to defeat this pandemic through love, hope, kindness, compassion, sacrifice & civil behavior.
(It is very important we believe in and pray for God’s powerful help!)
3. Use technology to stay grounded in God’s Words of love, grace, power, & hope!
(We are working on live-streaming a message on “Soar when Facing Giants” this Sunday at 10am.)
More to come on that…
Thank you for your prayers, consideration, and trust in God during these unsettling times!
For Jesus, -Pastor Steve